Message From MD's Desk
Message From MD's Desk

Chinmay Mitra - Managing Director

The novel venture, C MARC manifested with the blessings of Srimat Narendranath Brahmachari, the spiritual Master of Late Chitta Mitra, then a Senior Professor of Marketing at IIM Calcutta and subsequently a Visiting Professor of Marketing at Harvard Business School, USA. He was also the Founder of IMRB, a Division of J Walter Thompson.

In 1974, the Spiritual Master advised Professor Chitta Mitra : " Chitta, you create and develop exclusively a new organization in an innovative manner. "

While the Spiritual Master passed away in 1976, C MARC was born in 1977 with His grace and blessings. Mrs Annapurna Mitra, wife of Professor Chitta Mitra, extended her active and strong support and played a significant role in the conception and formation of C MARC. ......

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