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Professor Chitta Mitra was the Founder Managing Director of C MARC, the research based healthcare management consultancy organization, which was floated in 1977 at the instance of GLAXO INDIA for their exclusive service.

1983 onwards, C MARC has been offering unique syndicated service to healthcare industry in India based on Continuous Prescription Research (CPR). Professor Mitra’s pioneering efforts to provide such a service to the healthcare industry in the early days are indeed commendable. He was a great professional who has dedicated his life purely for marketing in an ethical way, which is a rarity today.

CPR is tailored to suit individual user organization requirement, and provides decision input for effective strategic and futuristic intervention in the healthcare market. Research findings of C MARC are an invaluable tool for marketing managers to draw up their strategies.

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The Outcome: Unique Researchbased Healthcare Management Consultancy Organization came into existence on September 05,1977 with the teacher in Mrs. Annapurna Mitra to become the Proprietor and Prof. Chitta Mitra as the exclusive Consultant for and on behalf of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC) as the senior faculty with the formal approval of the IIMC Board of Governors.

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